The bits that all go together to create Infernal Contraption....

Gear Shafts

Flanges - for the outside of the wheels (a short section of pipe)

Main Aluminium - to hold the motor, gears and axle in the right place. There is one of these on each side.

Bosch Motors - the casings have been known to start coming apart during use, so we adapted ours quite seriously to avoid this happening. There are now three M6 threads inside the motor (in the three little blocks welded in place), so there is no load on the front face. While we were at it we (well it was Phil actually) also put a weld down the seam of the casing.

The Main Axle - A piece of 50mm OD steal tube, with bits welded in the end. This is the only connection between the two seperate wheel modules.

Custom Gears - for the main drive

The following photos are a bit old now, as we have refined the inside of the wheels and the weapon design greatly

These parts hold the wheels together. Everything inside the wheels, including the speed controllers, motors and batteries are mounted off these two structures. On the photo you can see the new battery holders attached in place.

A close up of the batteries in the battery holders

The inside of the wheels, before we took it all apart and redesigned the layout to make it more neat and robust (this photo has the old battery holders in it). The 4QD contoller we are currently using can be seen to the left of the bottom battery, and all the control electronics is in the die cast box at the top. As you can see everything fits in perfectly ;-)

The Weapon a week before Robotwars 2001 qualifying - far from finished, with no motors, electonics etc.

When all these bits are bolted together, Infernal Contraption is born: